Bridgette Wallace

Bridgette Wallace is an urban planner and founder of Dudley Visions ‘SkyLab’ and Co-Founder for ‘G|Code House’. She has worked with institutions, coalitions, community residents, and city officials to develop economic networks and programs around entrepreneurship. Bridgette is particularly interested in rebuilding the ways Roxbury and other neighborhood economies emerge by delivering specialized, efficient, and innovative plans that fuel long-term economic growth for black, brown and immigrant residents.  

​Prior to developing the initial plans for SkyLab and G|Code, Ms. Wallace worked in the field of Public Health for a number of years as a Program Manager for Boston Public Health Commission and the Department of Public Health. She received her Master’s in Urban Planning with a concentration in Economic Development from Tufts University. She is also a Roxbury resident and serves on the board of the Roxbury Neighborhood Council and on the Project Review Committee of Plan Dudley.

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