"Of all venture capital funding in 2018, 2.2% was given to female-founded companies and only 0.2% went to diverse female entrepreneurs. " Pitchbook Data
"Female founded and female co-founded companies are actually over-indexing for unicorn status despite a lack of investment dollars." - TechCrunch
"Women-owned businesses earn a whopping 63% higher return on investment than male-only founded firms." - Forbes

We know the data, it’s time for action. 


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Our Mission

Shortlist’s mission is to bridge the gap between female entrepreneurs and the amount of successful accelerator and incubator programs provide for startups. This includes not only enhancing their stories, but placing them in front of key movers who can help to accelerate their success. 

Behind Shortlist

Shortlist was created by Lily Macomber in an effort to drive success for female founders. She believes that there is no need to reinvent the wheel; Shortlist is only meant to amplify the work of accelerator programs and incubators. Lily has spent her career prospecting for non-profits, startups, and educational institutions such as MIT, and plans to use that to boost the Shortlist mission. Currently she works full-time at a fintech startup in Boston.

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